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Manuscript Evaluation

Developmental Edit

Line Edit

Copy Writing 

Publishing Consulting

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Query Polishing



Pitch/Tag Line Improvement* 

Areas of Specialization

Romance - all subgenres and heat levels


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Reading Group Fiction/Women's Fiction/Literary Commercial Fiction

LGBT Fiction

Young Adult

PES Editorial

Independent Book Editor & 
Publishing Consultant

Manuscript Evaluation


Includes an editorial letter pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript with a focus on plot, character, pacing, conflict, stakes, themes, etc. The evaluation will provide suggestions for improvement overall and on a scene-by-scene basis.

Recommended for new authors looking for a general editorial assessment of their work or early drafts that aren't ready for an in-depth developmental edit. 

Developmental Edit

This level of edits focuses on the foundation of your book and includes an editorial letter outlining major issues in the manuscript (as in the manuscript evaluation), along with comments in the margins addressing specific areas where these revisions can be made, as well as flagging consistency, clarity, and story logic questions.

Recommended for writers who have reached their self-editing limit and who want a professional opinion before getting into prose-level technicalities.

Extensive Edit  

With extensive edits, you'll receive all of the developmental edits above, plus line edits to strengthen elements of the prose, including grammar, syntax, sentence clarity, word choice, etc.

Recommended for indie authors looking for a fine tuning before publication.

Second Pass and Book Coaching

Multiple drafts can be scheduled at a reduced price, so we can mix and match editing levels depending on your needs. Additionally, I am available for book coaching for writers who need more motivation or support from the earliest stages of their projects.

Partial Manuscript Critique


If you're looking for feedback on the opening of your novel before you get too far into writing--to catch any major plot holes before they happen, ensure strong opening chapters, and avoid logistical nightmares--I can provide a manuscript critique of the first 50 (standard-formatted) pages and a synopsis for only $200. Add margin comments for a developmental edit for $50!

Copy Writing 

With any of the above editorial packages, I can write cover copy (the description of your book that appears on the back cover and retail sites) that will appeal to consumers and include keywords and metadata.

Query Polishing

Need help with your query? I can provide notations and guidance for tightening your pitch and focusing on what's important. (But I can't guarantee requests or publication!) Only $25.

Note: This is available for all writers, independent of the above editorial services.


Hi, I'm Peter Senftleben ("Senf-lay-ben"). I have a passion for helping writers hone their craft and turn their projects into the best books they can be.


I have an odd background for an editor; I got a degree in chemical engineering and math from Tulane University, but I've been in the world of publishing since I moved to New York City in 2003. First I was an intern at a prestigious literary agency, then an assistant at a much smaller boutique agency. I soon moved to the editorial side of the business and spent nearly ten years acquiring, editing, and publishing a wide range of commercial fiction for Kensington Publishing. In 2016, I moved to Crooked Lane Books with a focus on crime novels.

In over a decade of editing, I've worked on more than 200 titles in genres ranging from romance to mystery to horror, as well as mainstream fiction. Many of the authors with whom I've worked have won awards and are New York Times and USA Today bestsellers.

TL;DR? I like books, cookies, reality competition shows, New Orleans, pizza, and chocolate. Not necessarily in that order.

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It's Gonna Be Real


"You are so thorough, analytical, and insightful. I appreciate how you are straight forward but kind. The plot suggestions are invaluable to me..." --Suzette Hollingsworth, author or Sherlock Holmes and the Chocolate Menace
"AMAZING! His feedback is clear, clean, and always spot on. He's been supportive every step of the way." --Bridget E. Baker, author of the Birthright series
"I am grateful for all you’ve done to help me along in this process. You’ve been encouraging as you’ve also challenged and taught me. I look forward to working more with you on my second novel." --Mark S.

"I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all of the feedback and support you provided for me on my manuscript. I'm pleased to say that I am signing a contract next week to publish the novel. This wouldn't have happened without your time and help. The help you provide authors means a great deal and I am so thankful and grateful." --Eliot P.



Request a free editorial estimate! 

Please use your title as the subject line and include your genre, word count, and a couple paragraphs about your work. I want to make sure I'm the best fit for your book!

*Please note that I don't edit nonfiction and I'm not a copyeditor.

Thanks for your email. I'll be in touch with you about your project in the next couple days. --Peter

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