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Contest Prep

It's that time of year: writing contests! Give your first three chapters (approx. 50 standard-formatted pages) and a synopsis an extensive edit for only $300!

Includes all of the services of an extensive edit:

  • Editorial letter focusing on introduction of characters, inciting incident, plot, conflict, tone, pacing, etc., and suggestions for revisions.

  • Margin comments denoting areas of improvement with focus on clarity, consistency, and word choice.

  • Line edits to polish grammar, syntax, and readability.

Fee paid at time of booking. Edits scheduled at earliest available time.

Contest placement not guaranteed.

Does not include complimentary sample edit.

Pitch Perfect(ly)

Get ready for conference season by honing, practicing, and perfecting your pitch with me! Over phone or Skype, I'll help you rewrite your pitch to focus on exactly what an edit wants to hear in a pitch session. I'll ask questions to get to the heart of your project and craft the most compelling sales tool you have: yourself! Then we'll practice your pitch until you become comfortable with it. 

At this time, you can also ask questions about conference expectations and the publishing perspective from a seasoned editor who has attended dozens of writers conferences and heard hundreds of pitches.

$25 per half hour

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